Established in 1993, ACB has 27 years of development with a cultural foundation built on five core values: Integrity, Innovation, Prudence, Balance and Efficiency. A proud history and a colorful story about our successes is included in ACBers’ story.

Currently, ACB has over 11,000 employees working at 369 branches and sub-branches located throughout 47 provinces and cities nationwide. Employees have the opportunity to discover many interesting cultural features when the community and relationships stretch from South to North, from coast to highlands.


ACB establishes a “business partnership” with employees to jointly pursue the bank’s goals and objectives based on shared values.

Last year, ACB attracted more than 2,300 partner-employees nationwide. Sixty percent of these new hires were under the age of 25. The hiring strategy ensures our new and current talents, especially those who are working at branches, are sufficient to meet the bank’s business development in the period of 2019 – 2024.

Programs such as the Next Banker and ACB Experience have been launched for students from top universities in the country to provide them with work experience at a bank and a stream-lined application process for a job with ACB.


Training and development activities

The learner-centered training and development policy encourages active and continuous learning from the learners. Training and development activities improve productivity and motivation of employees in their current jobs, but also help to prepare them for their future career development.

In 2019, the bank’s training activity met almost 98% of the demand, and the average training time went up from 4.11 to 4.7 days per staff per year. Both in-house and outsourced training programs are held regularly to provide entry-level staff and top managers with technical knowledge, skills, and advanced competence.

Training programs are designed to match job roles in the following nine areas: (i) ACB-specific banking operations, (ii) general banking operations, (iii) the bank’s IT systems, (iv) legal and compliance, (v) risk management, (vi) sales, (vii) personal behaviors, (viii) interpersonal behaviors, and (ix) management and leadership.

In 2019, the acclaimed HR Asia recognized ACB as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia.

Career Path

ACB’s personnel policy prioritizes the promotion of dynamic, capable, enthusiastic and well-qualified employees to middle- and high-level managers. There is great opportunity for those who accumulate the knowledge and experience needed, who aspire to better themselves and want to turn their dreams into reality.

Compensation and benefits policies

ACB seeks to attract, retain, motivate, and reward talented staff by establishing and maintaining a compensation and benefits policy with the following characteristics:

  • The pay system is ensured to be competitive based on market surveys regarding salary and wages, fairness, and transparency.
  • The pay system is performance-based. The total income of each staff member is determined by their own performance, as well as by the performance of their department and of the Bank as a whole. A BSC-based performance management system has been created to ensure work performance is recorded in an accurate and timely manner, and remuneration is paid accordingly.
  • ACB ensures compliance with laws and regulations on compulsory insurance applicable for employees including social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance.
  • Benefits include a mid-shift meal allowance, a comprehensive health care program (ACB Care), ACB-sponsored health care for family members, and affordable-rate loan programs and subsidies for staff encountering financial shortage, fatal disease, etc.
  • ACB sponsors events such as team building for each unit, celebrating the Bank’s anniversary, and a high performers year-end party.
  • As for managers, ACB also provides specific benefits and incentives such as transportation allowances, ESOP stocks, annual health checkups at high-quality clinics, and overseas holidays.

Talent ecosystem

ACB generate every possible channel either digital or non-digital, online or offline, on-site or off-site to make sure that talent in the ecosystem is well connected and engaged into our common objectives or purposes.

In the external, we encourage students or potential candidates to get more information about Banking and ACB through the programs named The Next Banker, ACB-Experience. We also use website Acbjobs.com.vn, fanpage ACB Talent Ecosystem or ACB Asia Commercial Bank in LinkedIn.

In the internal channel, we are utilizing Yammer, SharePoint or many offline methods such as town hall meeting or war room to let our staffs sucessfully raise their voice up.

Not only communication, we invest to assure a healthy and equal working environment. Employees can discuss and deal with their direct manager about the target committed to the organization. Beside salary, they can get other welfares such as ACB Care, Team building and Benefit Packages.

In addition, there are many colorful programs that ACBers can join to enjoy, exhibit their talents and show their responsibilities to the society. They are Sport and Entertainment competition, yearly teambuilding, CSR activities or events for family members.


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