About Chubb Life Insurance Vietnam

Chubb Life in Vietnam, a wholly US-invested life insurance company, is the only of its kind in Vietnam. Since its early days of business in 2005, the company has been operated and managed according to international standards by a team of native Vietnamese employees. Chubb Life in Vietnam offers insurance services through its selected teams of sales representatives, agents and banks.

An exceptional and professional working environment, attractive compensation and benefit packages, as well as always fostering the development of each and every member are the factors that contribute to Chubb Life in Vietnam’s sustainable growth and long-term talent retention.


Chubb Life in Vietnam is among the pioneering companies offering Vietnamese people optimum financial solutions, particularly the launching of Universal Life (UL) insurance plan in Vietnamese market in 2006. Aside from product development, Chubb Life in Vietnam also spearheads the implementation of digital technologies to better serve customers. Keeping this spirit, Chubb Life in Vietnam employees always actively improve their knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation in order to effectively manage their work, creating sustainable and professional values to help the company cope with rapid changes in this digital age. Constant evolving and quickly adapting to the digital age are the spirit that Chubb Life in Vietnam wants to bring to its employees.


Having operated in the life insurance sector, Chubb Life in Vietnam always upholds its reputation in every aspect of the company, and at the same time nurtures an exceptional and professional working environment. Each and every member of Chubb Life in Vietnam takes to heart the company’s ethics and business philosophy: reputation, integrity, and never compromises customer benefits and product quality standards for profit.


Chubb Life in Vietnam employees are provided with a methodical and comprehensive training roadmap tailored to their personal aspiration and ability. In addition to courses designed to ensure the practice of skills and general knowledge of the Group, employees can choose a suitable training program to refine their expertise and form their long-term development roadmap.

In the digital age 4.0, Chubb Life in Vietnam has created an open learning environment where every employee has access to diverse knowledge resources and various forms of learning. Each employee can actively determine their expertise development goal and take hold of their learning roadmap. Not only does Chubb Life provide knowledge from courses through classes, seminars, workshops, world-class online learning platforms and mortar libraries, the company also facilitates employees’ constant learning from their coworkers as well as throughout real projects and daily businesses.


Having established the criteria of transparency and impartiality in evaluating employees’ ability and contribution, Chubb Life in Vietnam offers an equal promotion opportunity for any able person looking to a long-term commitment with the company. In addition, Chubb Life members aspiring to challenge and unlock their potentials are presented the opportunity to transfer between departments, work to their ability and liking, and build a sustainable career.


Chubb Life in Vietnam always strives to ensure its employees enjoy their well-deserved benefits, helping them achieve a perfect work-life balance, through which Chubb Life in Vietnam becomes one of the best places to work for.


Keeping up the «work hard, play hard» spirit, members of Chubb Life in Vietnam are always ready to participate in various outside of work and team building activities. These are the opportunities for them to let off steam after stressful working days, to meet, network and bond with others in the big family of Chubb Life in Vietnam.


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