About Coca Cola Vietnam

“Ping” – “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a year now … HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Brighten this day with a Birthday wish!” – The message from the chat bot on the mobile phone brightened the day for Nam, a Sales Representative, on his way to work.

“Ding-dong” – “Kudos for your great leadership and support during the Key Account Project” – The kudo surprised Mai when she looked at her phone screen and this energized her as she was approaching the meeting room for the new project she signed up for.

“Ring! Ring!” – “Congratulations on your new position at Coke! We are excited to welcome you to the team and you are about to find your best each day.” – A warm welcome message made Lan, a new Supply Chain Specialist, to feel cared for and comfortable at her very first day as she immersed herself into her well-structure learning and development program on SuccessFactors.

Those are few examples of how familiar the “new normal” for all associates at Coke are. If someone asks about Coke, there will be compelling stories told by our associates for why they enjoy working here. It’s the realization of the Employer Value Proposition that was built around and integrated during our employee’s journey. It much more than just a job, it’s a shared vision, a shared picture of success, moments of happiness and a unique representation of optimism. It’s Life@Coke.


What really matters is the clear and accessible business information which truly connects our team every day. The digital innovations have truly empowered our associates to make an impact. They know that HR is always alongside with interactive HR Bot (AskMi); know where to seek advice to do the right things (AskLeo Bot); know how impactful their contribution to the company through AskSales Bot and know that their work is valued by others as they are recognized regularly and immediately through Thank-you Bot. Feeling and believing is what sparks in our associates’ eyes while they have a sense of personal accomplishments.

In the context of more than 70% of our workforce coming from Gen Y & Z, the company’s leaders are also leading the change to meet the needs of the next generations as they commit themselves to learn and invest in technologies, hence creating the environment for their associates to thrive.


Immersing deeply in the organization culture driven by empowerment, motivation and encouragement, Cokers are proud to take charge of their own development and perform at their best. The Leadership and Functional competencies set the foundation for the associates to learn, adapt and grow their current and future skills especially the new realities are shrinking the half-life of skills rapidly.

The Agile learning culture offers free ticket to learning and endless opportunities for everyone so that they have the mindset, skills and capabilities they need to excel in their performance. They do set high ambitions for their career and at the same time have tons of fun with seamless learning experiences.

There’s always an encouragement to make bold recommendations and to take actions when in the Coke’s workplace. Everyone can proactively explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps through targeted development plans to prepare for future roles. Other than that, the associates also engage in frequent refreshing conversations (Performance Enablement system) about future development through ongoing feedback and coaching. The intelligent mentor – mentees matching continuously fosters growth and enhance performance. This helps to accelerate the leadership capacity so that they can successfully navigate evolving trends and conditions.


Inspiration must go on in the offices! All the associates are inspired to realize their personal ambitions and their dreams beside the work. The Be U at Coke program has provoked great engagement and the bright talent inside our staff. They shine their own ways while becoming the singers, the models, the dancers, the photographers or the designers.

Bringing the work that has meaning and purpose beyond “just work” has nurtured the most important part in our team: Be Kind. Our spiritual life has been fulfilled with the overwhelming willingness and participation, the joy and tears of the associates to take care of the homeless elders. The contribution to the society during Covid-19 or continuous efforts in giving access to clean water for those impacted by climate change have made real difference. It’s the pride to be part of the company whose purpose is to refresh the world, not just physical sense, but also in spirit, not just people but also communities.

Enhance your skill (GROW), be a leader (LEAD) and be confident in your way (SHINE) are human strategy from Coca-Cola Vietnam – the ideal working place dedicating to sharing happiness.

Since our first day in Vietnam, 26 years ago, Coca-Cola has grown unstoppably, achieving innumerable milestones and conquering the hearts and minds of millions of consumers and people as human. There have been contributions that helped improve many aspects of people’s lives, creations of more than 4000 direct jobs and giving back enormously to the community.

In our quest for long-term sustainable business success, we never stop looking for talented, energetic people to join and thrive with a strong sense of pride. Be a part of our family, and you will immediately understand why Coca-Cola Vietnam is one of the most desirable places to work!


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