About CT Group

C.T Group grew continuously with Vietnam’s development during the Vietnamese Government initiated planning periods of “Economic Reforms” and industry in the 1990s.

With humble provincial beginnings, with only a few people and limited capital, C.T Group overcame many challenges.


With determination, patience, boldness and courage, C.T Group has developed continuously and has since grown to become a formidable C.T Group corporation with 36 member companies.

Presently, C.T Group is focused on key business sectors that have long-term benefits and advantages in Vietnam: Real Estate, High-End Retail, Construction, Corporate Finance and Eco-Tourism. Whereby, Real Estate and High-End Retail are the core sectors that play important cornerstone roles, powering C.T Group’s diversified development and future growth into other business sectors.

CT Group became a corporation valued at US$5 billion, having a strong administration system ensuring every activities conducted and accomplished at high speed in accordance with sustainable people development strategies following 6 core golden words of Culture, Technology, Speed, Globalization, Differentiation, and West Point to successfully build as a leading Total New Urban Developer in Vietnam insisting of sub-brand names along with others of Best Employer Brand and Best Working Environment.


CT Group puts humans at the centre of everything we do:

+ Extraordinary rewards: based on outstanding achievements of the resources development strategy with a vision towards 2020, focusing on the core collective or individual. values of “Culture – Technology – Speed – Globalization – Differentiation – West

+ The Tet holidays is always longer than regulated by law. Point”. While Culture strategy highlights the importance of building a dynamic, energetic, dedicated and united team where everyone is cared about, Technology

+ Domestic or Abroad team building / Caravan activities. emphasizes the company’s focus on technology integration and innovation in all

+ Annual resort package in the resorts of the Group. business and management aspects. Speed represents the agility and accuracy in

+ Flexible working hours allow employees to arrange their own time to fulfilling goals in the era of Internet of Things and sharing economy. maintain a life balance Meanwhile, Globalization reflects our faith in a flat world, where the flow of

+ Health insurance packages by rank. resources moves freely and seamlessly across borders to create added values. When facing challenges driving to Differentiation, we are open to new things while

+ Subsidies and support costs in the case of maternity sickness and making the most of our inherent advantages to elevate our unique identity. And treatment, depending on each specific case.


Working at the Group to help them free from worries of daily life and a whole-hearted dedication to developing personal careers. Family Manager with the principle of taking people as the root of development, we are proud to be bring pride to employees and their families when they work in the first Group at the enterprise with leading and different welfare policies in the market. Average salary of the Group is always 10% higher than the average level in the market, along with allowances including telephone allowance, lunch allowance.

At C.T Group, employees are always taken care of the spiritual life expressed per diem allowance, travel allowance according to rank. through caring workspaces and periodic activities such as Family Day, Bonus and welfare policies at C.T Group include diverse and attractive types: bi-weekly movie shows, Mid-autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year’s + Periodic bonus: on holidays, year-end bonus according to the business situation and level of contribution, seniority bonus for each milestone 5 years, 10 years.


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