About DKSH Vietnam


DKSH’s Employer Value Proposition is ‘Empowered to growth’ which we promise our employees empowerment to shape the long-term growth of our business as part of an energetic and successful team, thereby positively touching people’s lives.

– Enjoy a world of learning and development thanks to DKSH’s great diversity of services, industries, clients, products, regions and employees; you’ll enjoy a world of on-the-job learning and development that will drive your personal and professional growth.

– Own your career and take business responsibility.

– Have a positive impact that touches people’s lives by helping DKSH and other companies grow and bring their products, solutions and progress to markets, you will experience your own personal growth and the satisfaction of seeing the positive impact you have on the lives of others.

‘3C’ – Company, Community and Connection is a name of DKSH programs which provides candidates a reality job trial, offers the added values for external candidates, and supports the community at the same time. “3C Program” includes a series of realistic and useful open seminars providing university students individual development skills, supporting community to build a young and talented labor force.


At DKSH, we aim to continuously improve to stay ahead of the game. We do this by creating an ideal environment for people with a passion to out-perform, people who are self-driven to get things done.

Fantree Academy is our own in-house training and development center which uses customized programs to provide learning opportunities based on our unique, DKSH-specific content

Sales Academy is a unique DKSH program enabling Sales Reps. to proactively plan and strive for their career advancement, reward based on their achievement in three perspectives: Skills development, Sales effectiveness, Sales performance.

Anytime Anywhere Learning with mobile application ‘Talent Card’ includes a wide range of people management skill topics such as selecting and integration people, engaging people, managing and rewarding performance, etc.. that managers can learn anytime on their mobile phone.

Fantree Training Forum – a unique personal learning experience for employees organized every month. The topics are worthful for all personal aspects like beauty, physical and mental health, children education, happiness, friendship, etc… which are delivered by famous speakers.


At DKSH, people are our greatest asset. It is their last-mile dedication, can-do attitude and passion that drives the long-term success of our business. At DKSH, we believe in investing in our people.

Employee Engagement Survey ‘Your Voice, Our Future!’ to obtain valuable feedbacks of our employee about work environment, leadership, organizational transformation, and other significant matters of workplace effectiveness within DKSH.

DKSH Fantree Award, the annual prestigious awards ceremony recognizes individuals and teams throughout the Group for being role models of our corporate values for their extraordinary contributions to the overall success of DKSH. The winners will receive an official diploma, trophy and an award of CHF 8,888 – as well as a trip to Switzerland.

We listen their hearts “What gets you up every morning?
A competition in which employees were invited to submit the photos and stories to answer the above question which inspires and motivates employees attached with their daily work. Each winner will receive a cash award.

Healthcare and Wellness, we aim to create a healthy working environment by providing annual healthcare and risk assurance plan for employee and dependents.

Awareness Month:

Every month, we release an e-communication, offer gifts and doctor’s talk with medical check in the office to increase the awareness of the employees about disease prevention and protection

Olympic Day,
a very exciting sporting event, more than 400 athletes participated in this event. The fun-filled day included competitions consisting of different sports including jogging, tennis, table tennis, futsal, king chess and badminton.

a dynamic incentive campaign aiming at transforming our corporate culture into a health-conscious, wellness-oriented environment. Every time an employee achieved to take 4,000 steps within a day, we donate an amount of money to sponsor our company’s upcoming sustainability healthcare activity.

Family Care
We empathize employees’ caring to their beloved family members, we provide them time and cash to extend their love to their family, i.e: 2 days’ work from home as a compensation for business travelling time to spend more time with their family while working and a benefit of 8,000,000 VND per year for a family healthcheck at clinics/ hospitals or vacation including hotel, air-tickets.


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