About HDBank

Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank (HDBank) was established in 1990 as one of the first commercial banks in Vietnam. After 30 years in operation, the Bank currently ranks as one of the top banks in Vietnam and is reaching out for the world.
HDBank boasts solid financial resources, modern technologies, and a diverse range of banking, financial products and services for individual, corporate customers and investors.

HDBank has its Head Office located in Ho Chi Minh City, 01 Representative Office in Hanoi, 01 Representative Office in Myanmar and 283 Branches and Transaction Offices throughout Vietnam. The country network is widely established in all provinces and cities to help HDBank and its subsidiaries reach customers in 63/63 cities and provinces across the country and surrounding areas, providing diversified services to vast number of customers from consumer loans to business households and organizations and enterprises.

On 5 January 2018, nearly 981 million HDB shares of HDBank were officially floated on HOSE and swiftly ranked in top 20 largest shares on HOSE by market capitalisation. This development began an influx into the stock market of other large companies in terms of market capitalisation, thus enhancing market liquidity and generating opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors. HDB shares were also inducted in the VN30 Index, which represents the top 30 shares in terms of market capitalisation and liquidity.

With its aforementioned exclusive ecosystem and its M&A strategy, HDBank is aiming at leading the market with its theme “Happy Digital Bank”. The Bank effectively chooses to approach and serve customers from its large green ecosystem, which includes companies from banking and finance, retailing, consumer goods, and aviation, with products and services customised to each customer base, supply chain, geographical area, sector, and income. The current HDBank is also “greenifying” its operation quality with the comprehensive investment for technological researches and adaptation into products and services, and the pioneering in 4.0 technologies for banking and finance.

Committed to your best returns” to our HDBankers

HDBank always considers employees as the most valuable assets, therefore the Bank always pays attention to bring to employees the competitive benefit and compensation in accordance with the law, helps employees to bet assured to work and be dedicated to the Bank.

HDBank pays salaries to employees under clear and transparent regulations. HDBank’s salary regulations are compliant with the law, competitive in the market and parallel to its business objectives. HDBank’s salaries are determined in accordance with career grades/positions and job performance, ignoring factors related to regions, genders, or any other discriminatory factors.

The Bank always takes into consideration the advancement of employee, the punctual payment of full salary and specifically, the competitiveness of salary in order to develop and retain talents. Employees are guaranteed of stable incomes so that all individuals are encouraged to increase productivity and efficiency in job performances.

HDBank has created a career development roadmap for each position and built up opportunities for all potential employees to have chances to become bank leaders in the future. In 2019, HDBank’s concentrated training courses were organized for over 27,000 staff members, of which online training courses attracted over 13,000 staff members to participate. 190 training courses for new staff members have been organized once admitted to the Bank and attracted participation of over 5,000 staff members. Nearly 400 courses for re-training and updating knowledge for existing staff were conducted.

Apart from policies as provided by the State, HDBank offers other internal policies and benefits for employees such as: health insurance, 24/24 accident insurance… The Bank also pays for vacation, long-term bonuses, Tet holiday bonuses, and financial aids for workers who encounter difficult situations, etc. Employees who need loans to improve the quality of life will be considered and supported by the Bank.

HDBank’s managers always collect employees’ opinions before making a specific decision. The procedures, regulations, policies on professional operation are made and consulted via emails, direct contact, meetings with stakeholders and competent authorities before issuance. For matters which are directly related to employees’ benefits such as resignation, disciplinary dismissal, change of workplace, etc., the Bank always consults the Trade Union, informs and invites employees for dialogue before any official decision is made. The period of notice or dialogue is specified in documents such as Collective Labor Agreement, Internal Labor Rules, Disciplinary Procedure, Processes of work leave.

HDBank’s employees have participated in trade unions at all levels: grassroots trade unions, business union trade. HDBank and employees have negotiated, signed and implemented the Collective Labor Agreement. In addition to the Collective Labor Agreement, other documents related to workers’ rights such as the Internal Labor Rules and Democracy Policies are also widely consulted through trade unions or directly consulted employees’ opinions.

HDBank in Labor market in Vietnam

HDBank has been a serial recipient of many distinguished and prestigious awards at home and abroad, including the Labour Order 2nd Class, Best Managed Company in Asia, Top 5 Fastest-Growing Banks, Best Trade Finance, Best Cash Management in Vietnam and Best Trade Finance in Asia-Pacific, Outstanding Bank for Green Credit Award, Mid-sized Domestic Retail Bank of the Year, Green Deal Award, Top 10 Large-Cap Companies with Outstanding Annual Reports, Top 10 Sustainable Business, Top 6 Most Reputable Joint Stock Commercial Banks, Best Bank for Green Credit, etc. Moreover, the Banks has been considered as the ideal destination for thousands of bankers for being the only Vietnamese bank making consecutive appearance in 2018 and 2019 in the list of “Best Companies to Work for” awarded by HR Asia.

Banking and finance have been regarded as a very challenging “playfield”. Banks, including HDBank, always demand a solid, professional and dedicated workforce to implement their short and long-term objectives and strategies. More importantly, it plays a vital role in the Bank’s transformation and reform to catch up with the current industrial revolution and other global developments.


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