About Phu Long

Since 2005, Phu Long has been a member of Sovico Group, a leading private conglomerate in Vietnam. With an international business mindset and keeping pace with the 4.0 revolution and global trends, Phu Long has cemented our position as a prestigious international real estate developer.

Since laying the first foundation stones, Phu Long’s mission is to ‘Awaken dormant lands to become cosmopolitan and enlightened cities’. In Vietnam, Phu Long is the investor and developer of multiple largescale property projects located in major destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc Island. High-class product quality embodied with top-notch experiences & long-term values when the projects put into use is critical criteria.

Aiming at a high-class product line of services, with a business philosophy for customers and bringing sustainable value-added for customers, Phu Long has recognized the importance of developing human resources imbued with vision, mission, the core value of the company. Phu Long is always proud of the qualified personnel team, professional organizations, enthusiastic and experienced senior management team, young, confident, dynamic and creative human resources.


The more society develops, the more choices laborers have, so keeping the talent is always a concern for every business. Since the early days of establishment, the strategic vision of building a team employees loyal to Phu Long brand has always maintained. It is not difficult to meet the senior staff who have held important positions in the personnel ranks of Phu Long. They are the ones who have witnessed Phu Long’s change over the years and also understand the human values that the company brings about.

Phu Long considers personnel to be the most valuable asset, and all goals are for the benefit of staff. Phu Long is guaranteed not only the benefits of employees by salary or remuneration but also the working environment. So all employees have opportunities to show themselves, to live as who they are and to live in the climate of solidarity and teammates.

The difference that Phu Long culture makes is the attachment between the leadership and the staff. Subordinates can discuss directly with their superiors; listening to different ideas is a way for Phu Long leaders to encourage the spirit of innovation and creativity of employees.

Phu Long has a system of internal communication channels such as internal bulletin, Phu Long magazine, social groups, etc… Through these channels, the messages of the Board of Directors transmit consistently and an excellent analogy for two-way communication sets.

In recent years, the regular organization of internal events has also brought positive results. There are many kinds of activities, such as team building, sports events, art performances, etc… All activities received the most enthusiastic from all employee.

With efforts to build a professional working environment under the most prevalent and benevolent international standards, Phu Long has gradually formed a team of personnel loyal to the brand, dynamic, highly specialized and knowledgeable employees about products and services, uphold professional ethics. It is this human resource that has contributed to building an influential corporate culture, a Phu Long culture.


According to Mr Phung Chu Cuong- General Director of Phu Long Company, “In Phu Long, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board are responsible for caring for employees. Each employee is responsible for caring for customers through products and customer services. Phu Long always does everything for customers, for the community, building timeless value products, convenient living spaces, rich of culture, security, and environment-friendly.

Phu Long is a professional team with high consistency. Everyone has the right to freedom in life as a core and to always help colleagues and teammates. Proper conduct will preserve Phu Long’s core values: Trend leading, trust, humanity as guidelines.

Entering a new era, in order to meet business expansion strategies, Phu Long comprehensively develops personnel in many aspects such as strategies of developing and attracting the talent, effectively managing work, developing leadership skills, remuneration policy and corporate culture.

Especially, with the motto “Human is the most valuable asset”, thereby improving the quality of the working environment, equipping professional working skills and empowering their career development are the criteria that Phu Long will continue to perform in the following stages. Step by step, Phu Long is changing the perspective of real estate personnel. This seemingly dry field requires high professionalism.


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