About Tien Phong Bank

Established on May 5, 2008, TPBank is well-known as the top innovative, young and technologically advanced bank in Vietnam. TPBank main purpose is to provide traditional and diversified financial services based on digital technology to more than 3 million customers and a network of nearly 300 Branches/Live Bank nationwide. At present, TPBank has nearly 7,000 employees and is one of the leading banks in terms of creativity, awareness and corporate culture. With the brand statement “A deeper understanding”, TPBank not only aims to “understand” customers to build service quality style, but also to “understand” employees to build the best work environment. It is the way for the sustainable development of TPBank.

TPBank provides a friendly working environment that enhance individual responsibility, opportunity for development and empowerment. By teambuilding activities, diverse entertainment and enjoyable playgrounds, TPBank employees always have the most relaxing and comfortable spirit to work.

TPBank always considers the “people” as the leading element in the operation and development, therefore TPBank are focused on environmental issues, policies and products for each employee so employees always feel the dynamic, fair, transparent working environment, streamlined process and leading products. TPBank empowers its employees to pursue their varied interests, in both their professional and personal lives. TPBank has strived to be a young, dynamic and innovative bank.

Moreover, not only does TPBank engage in developing employees, they also put efforts in nurturing the younger generation. Therefore, TPBank is ready to train and create opportunities for young employees to set their dreams for those who really want to pursue the banking industry.

TPBank understands the responsibility of building a professional workforce in line with the development of the most innovative digital bank in Vietnam. TPBank, training is about not only training but also understanding, accompanying and creating the maximum conditions for employees to receive knowledge and skills to develop themselves.

With the full training and development roadmap for positions of officers, TPBank always focuses on ensuring the development and enhancement of the value of the bank’s staffs, from new staff to mid-level officials and senior. With advanced training methods combining flexible between direct training and e-Learning, within just two years of 2018 and 2019, TPBank organized more than 10 training sessions for each employee / year with 1,232 live classes & E-learning. In addition, TPBank’s E Learning Portal provides employees broader and deeper knowledge on Commerce, Finance, HR and so forth. TPBank’s development program is the strongest point that helps to retain and engage people.


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