SINGAPORE – Media OutReach –
14 July 2020 – Amidst the economic downturn from COVID-19, a number of
savvy SMEs are experiencing business growth with the help of digitalisation
from Heroes Of Digital, a
home-grown agency on a mission to help SMEs thrive via a combination of digital
marketing and technology.

For businesses forced
to close during the circuit breaker, their survival depends on revamping
services and providing digital alternatives. In a competition of who adapts the
fastest, non-digital SMEs have realised that this switch is not as simple as it

This is where a digital
marketing agency
like Heroes of Digital
(HOD) steps in. From day 1, we have pushed our clients to unlock their full
potential — to rise above brick-and-mortar stores and stand out in a
competitive and crowded digital space.

“The most common
concerns among SME owners are expertise and cost. They’re afraid that it’s too
expensive to conduct their services online and train their staff. They also
lack the expertise to innovate and go digital. However, they are losing out to
their competitors who are already prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as
this.” says Xavier Tan, Co-founder, Heroes of Digital.

But it is not too late
for SMEs to begin thriving digitally. HOD’s Medical and Aesthetic clients, or
Financial and Professional clients, have tele-consultations and online chat
services set up to replace physical consultations while still delivering a high
level of service.

“Almost overnight, we
switched our marketing strategy during the circuit breaker to incorporate more
product offerings, enhance our tele-consultation service and successfully
launched a new product range. HOD’s efforts have kept us in constant contact
with our potential clients and have allowed the clinical team to stay safe. We
are now fully booked for procedures until August and appear to have
successfully fought-off the huge revenue drop expected by most others.” shared
Dr Joshua Chong, Medical Director, Terra Medical.

Similarly, Education
clients, such as tuition, universities or enrichment centres have experienced
phenomenal growth after adapting their digital marketing strategies, via online
lessons, virtual webinars and free trials with video-call technology.

As a start, HOD has
launched several COVID-19 initiatives to help drive businesses into the digital
space. To learn more about these specific initiatives, click here.

About Heroes of Digital

Heroes of Digital is a
digital marketing agency with a mission to save companies from wasteful and
ineffective digital marketing. By adopting a data-driven approach with an
integrated digital marketing strategy combined with proprietary marketing
technology, we help clients get maximum results from their budget.