Chevron Holdings, Inc. (CHI) is a shared services company providing services to other Chevron Corporation business units globally in the areas of Finance, Information Technology, Procurement, Human Resources, Customer Service and Marketing. Being the first Regional Operating Headquarters investor registered in the Philippines back in 1998, they have grown from only 30 or so workers to 1,588 employees today and is one of the leading members of the shared services industry in the country.


CHI offers employees competitive compensation and benefits, various career development opportunities and a workplace that is uncompromisingly anchored on health and safety. Cash compensation at CHI goes beyond local labour regulations and offers generous annual corporate performance bonus, monthly rice subsidy, medical/optical reimbursement allowance and a transportation subsidy for those on night shift.

The health and safety of its employees and the communities surrounding it are among the most vital priorities at CHI. One of the operational tenets at Chevron globally is “Do it safely or not at all.” There are robust programs on workplace health and safety, including full-scale training programs for office safety which take place regularly.

The company also offers employees many opportunities for meaningful volunteering and engagement through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programs. September is observed as Volunteer Month, when Employee Network Groups and Special Interest Groups conduct various volunteer projects.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become increasingly important, especially in today’s uncertain climate. As such, a once-a-week telecommuting policy and flexible work hours was implemented and expanded upon. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company shifted to work-from-home arrangements for 100% of its employees in mid-March as part of their efforts to protect their health and safety.

Crisis Management Team regularly meet to monitor developments regarding the pandemic and to provide overall direction for the organisation. It provides frequent updates to employees through various communication channels including email blasts, posts in Workplace and most importantly through virtual town halls.

CHI continues to be at 100% work-from-home for its employees; further guidance will be given at another virtual town hall in late July 2020. The company follows a global decision framework for making decisions regarding Return-to-Workplace. Moving forward, this framework will continue to prioritise employee health and safety.


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