JobsMalaysia director Mustafa Kamal Bawaihi said there were some 20,000 job opportunities available as of May for entry-level positions on its portal. “As of May 19, the three sectors with the highest job offers are in the financial sector (insurance and takaful), manufacturing and education, ” he said. He advised young graduates to ensure they have the right knowledge about their work and are comfortable with online services. “At the same time, JobsMalaysia encourages employers to carry out their interview and employment process online, ” he said.

Malaysia country manager for JobStreet Gan Bock Herm said the demand for fresh graduates remained strong and that the portal expected to see a further increase in job opportunities in the coming months.

A recent study by JobStreet revealed that job availability, especially in IT, food and beverage, government, health sectors, is high, with job applications recording a growth of up to 129%. “Based on our assessment of search data on the JobStreet platform, roles in IT, software and manufacturing industries are among the most sought after, seeing surges in search (engine) by as much as 250% for software-related roles, ” the spokesman said. The spokesman said that among the hardest hit industries were tourism and travel sectors which were forced to scale back their operations. “However, these industries will likely turn more extensively towards personalisation and tailored customer experiences using digital technology, ” he said.

He said the job portal had also introduced a new initiative called #WorkNow, which was aimed towards mitigating the rise of unemployment in the country.By including the hashtag at the  “Additional Info” section of their JobStreet profile, job seekers can indicate to potential employers their availability and immediate readiness to work. “Employers too can instantly identify job seekers that fit their immediate talent needs, ” he said.



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