In any organization communication is a vital element and in this day and age the means of communication has never been easier. Good communication within the workplace not only builds up relationship and trust between employers and employees but is conducive to a healthy work culture environment.

However, in a research by ‘theEMPLOYEEapp’ revealed that nearly half (45%) of the workers believe that their employer does not communicate with them well enough. About one third (33%) of the respondents expressed they would prefer their employers to communicate with them more, and more than two-thirds (68%) agreed the frequency of communications by their employer directly impacts their job satisfaction.

Poor communication can result in many potential problems such as increased employee turnover, high amount of call outs, poor customer service skills, diminished productivity and lack of focus. Internal communication plays a prominent role in developing employee motivation and is essential to directing the entire organization towards its goals.

Exploring the methods of communication employers use, the ‘Mobile Trends in the Workplace’ report revealed that 80% employees prefer communicating in person, 50% by phone and 89% through e-mails, making it the most popular medium of communication. However, despite the popular use of e-mails, 30% employees confessed to ignoring e-mails from their employers.

Jeff Corbin, founder and CEO of APPrise Mobile, which developed and operates theEMPLOYEEapp, said that current employees identify themselves as the Millennial or Gen X generation; as a result employers need to think more carefully about matching communication platforms to worker demographics.

“Since these individuals grew up with a cell phone in their hand and are accustomed to having instant access to information, communications solutions like mobile apps, social collaboration and messaging tools need be considered if a company is serious about engaging with its employees,” he said.

As technology invades the work space, employers need to keep themselves updated with the latest mediums of communication in order to build and sustain a strong communication network with their employees.