Many fresh graduates are asking for a starting salary of RM3,000 but few employers are willing to pay that amount. Fresh graduates claim a starting salary of RM3,000 will help cover their food expenses, transportation, rent and savings.

Unfortunately, this amount was deemed unrealistic for many. According to JobStreet Malaysia, only two per cent of employers are willing to fork out that amount for this group of this new breed of workforce. The online job portal’s senior marketing communication executive Jessica Heng told Free Malaysia Today that the company had conducted a survey in March across 405 companies from different sectors, including manufacturing, production, construction, building, engineering, retail and IT. Out of that, 68 per cent of employers complained that these fresh grads made unrealistic salary and benefit demands. Approximately 75 per cent of graduates asked for starting salaries of RM2,400, while more than half asked for RM3,000 and above. Hence, 72 per cent of the graduates’ job applications were reportedly rejected. In further disappointing statistics, 64 per cent were picky about their jobs and had poor attitudes, 58 per cent had a poor command of English, and 53 per cent had poor communication skills.

Nevertheless, not everyone disagrees with the fresh grads’ high asking salary. Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) secretary-general J Solomon told the news portal that RM3,000 was reasonable due to the high cost of living now, especially considering those who are obligated to repay their student loans.

On the other hand, Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said the asking salary applies more to master’s degree holders. Regardless of the asking salary, sometimes it’s important to do what it takes to secure a job in the current economy. Malaysian youths are among the largest group of unemployed people in the country, so let’s all work hand-in-hand to change that!
Source: FMT / Star


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