A recent global survey by recruiting experts Hays revealed three-quarters of workers are planning to find a new job in 2019. Hays, recently surveyed nearly 4,500 people from across the globe and asked whether they were planning to find a new job in 2019, with a staggering 78 per cent of respondents stating they intended to.

Of those who answered yes, 24 per cent stated the reason as being it’s time for a change from their current role. While 21 per cent said it was due to the lack of training and/or career progression opportunities available at their current place of work.

Respondents who stated they aren’t actively looking for a new job (13 per cent), said they could be convinced to move jobs if they were offered an improved salary or benefits (33 per cent); if better training and progression opportunities were offered (26 per cent); and if there was more variety or excitement in the prospective role (23 per cent).

Alistair Cox, Hays CEO, commented on the results, “Our survey has revealed that a large number of employees are planning on looking for a new job in the New Year, so retention will be key for many businesses trying to keep the talented employees they rely on. Many of the reasons provided can be addressed by businesses if they wish to keep their workers. If an employee is stating it’s time for a change, then employers can look to provide them with more varied work, perhaps even exposing them to other areas of the business. Employers should also ensure they are offering employees the opportunity to train and upskill in their roles, as well as making sure they are aware of the opportunities available to them to progress within the company.”

Responses were gathered from a web poll conducted on social.hays.com between 22 November 2018 and 17 December 2018

Source: Hays