The 30% Club congratulates the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 CEOs who have signed up to its campaign #30PCCEOLeadership to improve gender diversity in their senior leadership teams, and encourages remaining CEOs to join their peers in making public a belief that gender balance is good for business.

In August 2017, the 30% Club wrote to FTSE 350 CEOs to urge them to commit to setting an aspirational target of 30% female representation in their senior leadership teams by 2020. This is a target, not a quota, to be considered in the same way as any other business goal. At that time, two FTSE 100 CEO Members were fully committed to the senior management target – Mark Wilson of Aviva and Moya Greene of Royal Mail – and two FTSE 250 CEO Members – Stephen Koseff of Investec and Preben Prebensen of Close Brothers Group. The 30% Club said since the summer, 30 FTSE 100 CEO Members across 29 companies and 28 FTSE 250 CEOs across 27 companies have committed to the campaign goals.

Brenda Trenowden, 30% Club Global Chair and Head of FIG, Europe, ANZ Bank, commented, “The 30% Club Campaign has always been about women and men working together to drive better gender balance in their organisations because it makes good business sense.  We were pleased to have such strong support from so many chairs in the initial campaign and delighted with the incredible momentum that our CEO campaign has achieved with the CEOs of 29 FTSE100 and 27 FTSE250 companies signing up to an aspirational target of 30% female representation in their senior leadership teams by the end of 2020.  Many have been working on this for some time and some have already reached the goal.  We would encourage those not yet signed up to get in touch with us so that we can work together to help drive the change that we all want to achieve.”

The 30% Club is a group of chairmen and business leaders who are committed to bringing more women onto Malaysian corporate boards. The 30% Club believes that gender diversity is good for the overall effectiveness of the boardroom – and therefore is good for business.  The 30% Club is not a call for a quota – the 30% Club supports sustainable business-led voluntary change to improve the current gender imbalance on Malaysian boards.


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