CUEPACS to focus on stagnant employment schemes

Newly-elected CUEPACS (Union of Workers in the Public Service) president Adnan Mat said he would focus on the various civil service employment schemes. “The government has upgraded 16 schemes but there are many more which have not moved upward for the last 40 years, ’’ he said at the end of the CUEPACS triennial convention in Kuala Lumpur.

Adnan beat four others to win the congress’ top post. He said the schemes must also be upgraded according to the qualifications of the employees. “Civil servants now come into the service with qualifications higher than what is stipulated for the positions under the respective schemes.” Yet the remuneration remained the same, he said. “This is what the government must look into as time has changed and people have obtained higher qualifications. “So, it is time for the entry qualifications for these particular schemes to also be upgraded because it is the only way salaries will be able to commensurate with qualifications.’’

However, Adnan hoped there would not be any misunderstanding in regards to the policies they were implementing. “The government of the day must look at the existing policies so that there won’t be any assumption that we are carrying out work in accordance to previous policies,’’ he said.



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