With zero tuition fees in almost all higher learning institutions across the country, obtaining an education in Germany is highly affordable. German Educare, a local startup founded by German graduates aims to assist students in pursuing their tertiary education in Germany, believing that there is the opportunity for Malaysian students to broaden their horizons and gain experience through affordable overseas education.

Last year alone, over 282,000 foreign students from overseas arrived in Germany to advance their studies, up from 256,485 students in 2017, marking a 10% growth. As more and more people become interested in the chance to study at a German university, German Educare will be providing support to students who have completed their secondary and pre-university education in their transition into Germany – from qualifying and application checks to post-arrival assistance.

“Education is an important part for many Malaysians, with tertiary education forming a keystone to the career path they eventually embark on. Access to education in Germany will provide students with the opportunity to study in some of the best universities in the world, particularly in the technical and engineering fields. We aim to help students make the most of their ambition in achieving their Bachelor’s degree, and to provide them with as much assistance as possible for the best German experience,” said Jonathan Lau, Director of German Educare.

While studying overseas involves adjusting and adapting at many levels, German Educare’s range of services looks to ease the process for parents and students alike, from pre-departure to arrival in Germany. Before even making the move, German Educare provides students with consulting services on the best subjects to pick and excel in for the best chance of enrolment in German universities. The startup also provides students with German language classes and intercultural workshops to help students integrate into the culture better as well as university and visa application services ensuring a smooth transition into Germany and its universities.

Furthermore, German Educare will also reach out to students once they arrive in Germany, and provide them with information about living with Germany together with support on-ground. Students can rest assured knowing that they are well-taken care of, and have the necessary tools to acclimatise and fit into the culture. Through its efforts in ensuring the well-being of its students, German Educare believes that they can have a successful and fruitful time pursuing their education in Germany.

“We are highly aware of the challenges that come with adapting to a foreign country, especially when the main language is not necessarily English. However, as German graduates ourselves, we believe that students can gain invaluable experience when studying abroad. More than purely education, we believe that the perspective gained from studying in Germany can transcend into their careers in the future,” said Jonathan.

Assisting over 70 students in their transition to Germany so far, German Educare looks to continue reaching out to local students in achieving their tertiary education in the European nation.

German Educare is a comprehensive education service provider which helps students to further their studies in Germany. We believe that quality education, great networking opportunities, bright career prospects, coupled with an environment which promotes personal growth should be made available to more people. Founded by Malaysians who have studied and lived in Germany, German Educare’s programs have been crafted to create the best experience for students to transition to living and studying in Germany.


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