Malaysia to enter total lockdown from June 1-June 14

Malaysia will go into a nationwide total lockdown for two weeks from June 1. The Prime Minister’s Office said in a media statement issued Friday night that during the period all social and economic activities are prohibited. The statement added that the National Security Council will list the essential economic and service sectors that may operate during the period.

“If this Phase One lockdown succeeds in reducing daily Covid-19 cases, the government will proceed to Phase Two that will allow the reopening of economic sectors that do not involve mass gatherings and where physical distancing can be maintained,” the PMO said.nPhase Two, when it begins, will run for four weeks before the country enters into the Phase Three, which would be a return to the current movement control order (MCO) where almost all economic sectors may operate with restrictions but not social activities. The PMO said the decision to move between phases would depend on the Health Ministry’s risk assessment based on new Covid-19 cases and the ability of the country’s public health system to treat the infected.

“Following the government’s decision to initiate a full closure of the economic sector and social activities, the Finance Ministry will draw up an assistance package for Malaysians and the economic sectors affected,” the PMO said. The aid package will be announced soon.

Malaysia recorded 8,290 new Covid-19 cases today to reach an active case total of 72,823.


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