“It is very clear that this group of employers were willing to look beyond the ‘plug-and-play’ type of workers,” said Dr Tan, who spoke to reporters in a virtual press conference while on a visit to The Social Kitchen, a food and beverage social enterprise. “They were more open to hiring workers from different sectors who may not have the obvious perfect fit, the obvious relevant experience, but upon further inspection, upon further review and consideration, they find that these workers actually possess very valuable, very precious, transferable skill sets.”

The JGI wage subsidy scheme was introduced in August last year to encourage employers to expand local hiring. The Government subsidises up to 25 per cent of the first S$5,000 of an eligible employee’s salary for up to 12 months.

Employers who hire mature local workers (aged 40 and above), people with disabilities and ex-offenders can get 50 per cent of the first S$6,000 of gross monthly income for up to 18 months.To be eligible, the employer has to have more local workers on its payroll in total. The scheme has been extended to September.

 Source: CNA


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