A recent poll revealed that just 18% of employees said they work in a high fairness environment and have an employee experience characterised as fair.

In its 2021 ReimagineHR Employee Survey of 3,500 report released on 8 November, technology research and consulting firm Gartner Inc said human resource (HR) leaders felt largely the same — only 22% would characterise their workplace as having a high degree of fairness. Gartner said the poll conducted in the third quarter of 2021 (3Q21) found that employees who worked in a high fairness environment performed at a level that was 26% higher than those who did not and were 27% less likely to quit.

Gartner HR practice chief of research Brian Kropp said creating a fairer employee experience will be the most important initiative for HR executives in 2022. “To do this, organisations need to go beyond policies and develop philosophies,” he said. Kropp said there are four areas that employers can develop strategies around to increase employee perceptions of fairness at work, namely being informed, feeling supported, feeling considered, and receiving acknowledgement.

“Organisations that employ strategies to address these four factors can create a significant shift in the number of employees who feel like they have a fair experience at work — from fewer than in one in five employees to more than four in five employees,” said Kropp.

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