The 30% Club has launched a Strategy Best Practices Working Group to help businesses incorporate gender diversity into company-wide strategy development and beyond the traditional scope of HR. The Group’s principal aim is to develop and share best practices and recommendations on gender-related activity across common business areas. It is reviewing key processes in businesses, outside of HR, to assess what can be updated to limit potential gender bias and drive better outcomes.

Co-chaired by Brenda Trenowden, CBE, 30% Club Global Chair and Daniel Klier, Group Head of Strategy, HSBC, the Group also includes participation from Aviva, Diageo, GSK, Unilever and Vodafone.


Brenda Trenowden, CBE, 30% Club Global Chair and Head of FIG, Europe, ANZ Bank, commented:

“From inception, the 30% Club Campaign has been working to drive better gender balance in organisations because it makes good business sense.  As efforts to improve the representation of women in leadership teams and across employee populations continue, we are delighted that our members want to better understand and connect activity across other key stakeholder groups, such as customers and suppliers. This can drive a more holistic approach to gender across everything that organisations do.”


Daniel Klier, Group Head of Strategy, HSBC, commented:

“Over the past decade, the 30% Club has played a critical role around the world helping organisations build their understanding of what they can do to drive gender balance.  We are excited to be launching the Strategy Best Practices Working Group to take the diversity discussion beyond its current boundaries and fully embed it into the way we think and work across the entire firm.”