TALENT Corporation Malaysia announced the formation of Talent Compact 4.0, the industry advisory panel that aims to address the country’s need for an enhanced talent strategy for the Future of Work. The panel, chaired by Idris Jala, a member of TalentCorp’s Board of Trustees, brings together 10 experts representing Malaysia’s key and emerging industries, and will serve as an independent advisory panel to assist in the development of the National Future of Work Action Plan. “Talent Compact 4.0 is a timely initiative, as having a future-ready workforce is critical towards ensuring Malaysia succeeds in the competitive marketplace of the future. With the combined expertise and experiences of the panel, Talent Compact 4.0 will provide our nation with the much-needed strategic guidance and insight to help steer our nation’s talent agenda in the right direction,” said Jala.

The Industry Revolution 4.0, which is characterised by the growing significance of technology as a driving force for economic growth, is reshaping work across sectors, geographies and all layers of an organisation. Talent Compact 4.0 is expected to provide the insights and recommend the strategies and interventions needed to ensure the nation’s talent ecosystem is sufficiently agile and ready to face the challenges of the future and its disruptions on our work, workplace and workforce.

“Currently, TalentCorp’s first priority is to ensure that Malaysia is able to smoothly transit into a workforce that is ready for the Future of Work. With a National Future of Work Action Plan that identifies the opportunities and risks that will arise from Industry Revolution 4.0, we will be able to outline and specify the strategies and actions towards future-proofing our Malaysian workforce,” said TalentCorp CEO Shareen Shariza Abdul Ghani. “As this is a matter of national interest, the commitment of these industry experts and talent advocates as panellists on Talent Compact 4.0 will ensure that TalentCorp takes into account the essential perspectives required for a relevant and actionable national plan,” she added.

Talent Compact 4.0 complements the National Leaders’ Circle, an initiative introduced in Budget 2018 to create a talent pipeline of Malaysian leaders. Under this initiative, the nurturing and retention of Malaysia’s top talent to drive the national economic growth for the country will be further enhanced.
The state of Malaysia’s talent landscape will be further addressed at TalentCorp’s upcoming Future of Work, Workplace, Workforce Conference on Nov 20. Key speakers at the conference include co-founder of MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Andrew McAfee; education and creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson; and more. This conference, in partnership with Maybank, will provide a platform for policy and decision-makers to consider new options and potential solutions to the challenges collectively faced in preparing for a changing future.


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