Encouraging big ideas and recognizing talent in and around Malaysia, the Talent Ecosystem Conference is geared to ignite an event presenting the best expert speakers from the industry to debate and discuss the most relevant industrial topics.

Enter the new world, where organizations take to understanding the synergy and dynamism of valuable employees not solely based on their good work but on their capacity to go above and beyond serving as a force multiplier for their organizations and orchestrating the innovation efforts of others. Catering to this the Talent Ecosystem Conference aims at providing strategies for attracting and nurturing both internal and external talent.

With support from their media partners HR Asia, the 2015 Talent Ecosystem Conference is all set to commence on August 13, 2015 at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Talent Intelligence Sdn Bhd since its establishment in 2008 have successfully congregated highly qualified and experienced trainers to deliver programs of the highest quality and greatest value, establishing themselves as one of the most innovative corporate learning business partners.

Learning is an infinite circle of knowledge and in this conference knowledge is the key to opening all doors to obtaining and maintaining talent. Delegates will learn the secrets on how to innovate their recruiting processes in order to attract, hire and retain their best talents for their organizations. In addition they will have access to the Human Resource Big Data Insight and Analysis of the Global Workforce; to shift from a talent ownership mindset to a talent attraction mindset; using social media to source top talent and create corporate branding to potential talents; maximizing the use of technology and analytics in Talent Management Process; and just simply learning from the best HR practitioners.

So be a part of this maelstrom of learning, benefit from this immense experience and be a delegate now!

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