The year 2020 gave a complete transformation to human life. It taught people to face challenges; both personal and professional and adapt accordingly. People adopted newer skills, and juggled between professional and personal lives, thus, welcoming a new working model. With this, there was a major acceleration that led to the adoption of technology in most of the segments, which further helped in opening newer avenues.

To assess the impact of technology on ‘online or virtual recruitment’, one of the major areas of the human resources realm, Genius Consultants Ltd., a leading Indian staffing firm conducted a survey to understand ‘Virtual Recruitment and Its Impact.’ The study responds to important matters like the virtual recruitment mode which opened more job opportunities and has led in attracting more talents, expediting the hiring process at the convenience of both – the interviewer and the interviewees.

Data collected through this virtual study suggested that, 87.6% respondents think that both virtual and online recruitment is a boon for both the jobseekers and recruiters alike with mutual benefits. It has opened up a plethora of job openings for job seekers. Simultaneously, recruiters are also able to reach out to eligible candidates, not restricted by boundaries. Thus, improving the overall employment statistics.

Further elaborating on the mutually beneficial virtual hiring process, the survey suggests that virtual hiring is, in fact a convenient way of reaching out to candidates and vice-versa with added advantages like scheduling meetings and interviews at mutual convenient times, etc. This process has since, helped recruiters create a talent pool across multiple locations. On the contrary, 12.3 % people felt that online recruitment is not working out as a viable option.

The report also mentions that while the global market is opening gradually, and with the current vaccination drive on in full swing, it is still imperative to ensure the safety of people. Once the immunization process is completed, things will get back to normal, with going back office and in person meetings becoming mandatory

R P Yadav, Chairman & Managing Director, Genius Consultants Ltd. says, “Virtual recruitment has been one of the many positive changes that the industry adapted to in these testing times. The overall recruitment process has evolved with major technological advancements. It is one of the major elements to manage the expectations of both employer and employee. Adoption of the virtual process and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based tools in the recruitment process have grown by 20%. All in all, the recruitment process is one that keeps evolving in time, adapting to newer ways, and is here to stay, as newer tools will be created.”



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